Donnie G. Gentile came to Florida with only a car and $2,000 dollars. Eventually, he started his own ad agency, Amerimedia, which helped launch a now-famous radio program, Joe Johnson’s Beatles Brunch.

Bill Beckett started his food industry career as a waiter and manager at an El Torito dining establishment in California. His success in that job landed him an opportunity for ownership in the start-up restaurant chain known as Pick Up Stix.

Deborah Kinsella, a single mother, reveals her secrets on how she became a millionaire as a Beverly Hills realtor, both selling and investing in real estate. She shares her wonderful insight, empowering other women to achieve millionaire status.

George Peters was an orphan in India. His miraculous story unfolds with his unique chance to immigrate to the United States. Taking advantage of the opportunities in America, he created an import business with twenty-one locations

Don Gray was the son of a single mom, a telephone operator. Taking advantage of free schooling from the GI Bill, he jumped at the chance to study architecture. Given the opportunity to learn the building business, he seized the moment, becoming a successful real estate developer of apartment complexes in Virginia and Pennsylvania.